Who are we?

Who are we ? 

Polis Précis is a company founded in 1982 and specialized in high precision mechanical subcontracting for all high-tech industries.

Our company combines the technologies of erosion, grinding, milling, turning, technical polishing, brazing and shrinking, dimensional control and laser engraving, allowing us to respond quickly and personally to each of our customers’ requests.

We distinguish ourselves in the machining of hard and ultra-hard materials such as carbide, ceramics and sintered and hardened steels as well as technical polishing without deformation. We produce all types of parts from prototypes to small and medium series. We also have the capacity to deliver subassemblies and complete assemblies.

We aim to respect the traditions, bases and values of the mechanical industry. For this, the human factor remains our priority. We train internally, which has enabled us to develop skills in the machining of ceramics. Indeed, particular attention has been paid to the degree of qualification of all our employees in order to provide our customers with an optimal level of professionalism and know-how. We have set up procedures based on “Lean Manufacturing” ensuring the rigor necessary for the meticulous realization of all the finishes.

We always remain informed and trained in new technologies. Our desire to be at the cutting edge of technology encourages us to invest every year in new machines in order to keep our prices interesting, our lead times short and to produce increasingly precise parts.

Our control workshop scrupulously inspects each part produced to guarantee irreproachable quality.

Polis Précis is a reactive and efficient company on a human scale respecting the constraints of its customers.