Polis Précis

Technical machining hard materials punches and dies

Each year, huge investments are made ​​to improve our services. We control all steps of the manufacturing process of our tools. However, we entrust the heat treatment and surface treatment.


2 CFAO stations 


EDM Department

3 Wire EDM machines  + 1 EDM rotary indexing table.                                                                               

4 Spark EDM machines  


Milling Department

1 5 axes CNC machine: Position deviation: : Pa = ± 0.3 μm + Robot with 80 Positions. 

1 5 axes CNC machine                                                                              

1 4 axes CNC machine                                             


Turning Department

1 NC Serie high precision machine                                                                        

2 traditional centres


Grinding Department

2 5 axes (internal external) grinding machines                                                      

1 JIG grinding machine                                                               

2 Cylindrical grinding machines                                               

2 CNC internal external grinding machines                                                          

6 Flat grinding machines                                                                               

2 2 axes Heidenhain grinding machines                               


Polishing Departement

1 Polishing machine (Home made)                                                                     


Control Département

1 Videocheck IP 400 3D: Werth image processing (IP) video sensor, Werth Laser sensor, touch trigger probes, Werth Fiber probe, etc                                               

1 Digital measuring column                                                                      

1 Contour probe                                                                                                           

2 Optical Glasses                                                                                           

1 Simple profile projector                                                                                         



1 sanding machine                                                                                       

1 brazing machine                                                                    

1 hydraulic Presse                                                                                                                                       

1 laser marking machine