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Technical machining hard materials punches and dies

Given that we manufacture tools for the European manufacturers of carbide and technical ceramics, we have selected the best grades for each industry sector. We assist our Customers for the choice of carbide regarding the final applications.

We have different grade of carbide in stock.

Ceramics are ordered according grades and shapes requested by our customers.  

We have the ability to machine the following ceramics: silicon nitride - Si3N4, alumina (or aluminum oxide) - Al2O3, Zirconia (or zirconium oxide) - ZrO2. The Advantages of ceramics: low density, high temperature resistance, high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

The Tungsten, also known as wolfram is also formed by sintering. It is a hard material with a density around 18.5 and more for pure tunsgten: between 19 and 19.3. Consequently, we machine mainly the tungsten alloy from special tungsten blanks.  

Steels: We have Z160CDV12, 35NCD16, 40CMD8, 90MCV8, 140KG, VANADIS4, Z38CDV5, TSP23, stainless steel, etc. ...

Other materials: copper, bronze ...