Polis Précis

Technical machining hard materials punches and dies

Our region is one of the most industrial clusters regarding the metal stamping and cutting in France. Based in the micromechanics area (closed to Besançon), Polis Precis provides many of Industry sectors using wear and corrosion resistant parts, specific pieces, mechanical elements or high technical components.


  • The Powder Metallurgy and the sintering industry:  (Ceramic powder / Metal Powder / Pharmaceutical Powder). We produce full sets of powder compression Tools and injection moulds like dies, punches, ejectors and broaches. 

The tools have to be very strong regarding the strength used during the production process (between 2 and 60 tons). The process is complicate. Through the application of high pressure, the mixture of metal powder and a binder is compressed. the powder press tools make the shape of the “green” piece. Before the sintering process, the “green” piece is fragile and breakable. Under a high heat for a long period of time, the particles bind together: That is the sintering process. For a good removal from the mould, the tools have to be perfect. The surfaces are polished like a mirror. This is the speciality of Polis Precis and the origin of the name.

Polis Precis is well known in Europe for the production of powder compaction tooling allowing the compression of cutting inserts, technical ceramics and sintered parts. We have the ability to produce in-house tools for the Powder Injection Moulding (PIM), Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and the Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) industries.

We can propose: powder compacting tooling, multi axial compaction tooling, side compaction tools, splitted die, splitted punch, lateral punch for cross pressing. 

We can do the palletization and alignment system of compaction tools from Progrit, 3R system or Erowa system.  


  • Steel metal transformation: Since 2012, we have a partnership with a design office which is specialized in the developing of progressive cutting dies, stamping dies and adiabatic tools. 

We manufacture full set of tools with a clearance of 2 microns for the tools for press cutting, stamping, pressing, forging and the folding.

Connection technology: cold forming punches, progressive dies. 

Our experience in the machining of carbide allows providing cold and hot forming tools with a long life time. We produce regularly some punches and dies for the industrial fastening system and crews industry

The quality of the polishing for the luxury industry has to be perfect. We have developed special machining sequences lines for watches, jewelry and cosmetics to obtain perfect pieces before polishing. We are used to make some swaging moulds and punches in carbide or in steel.  

We realize 15% of our turnover thanks to the automotive sector. We work in collaboration with the customer design offices in order to develop special shapes for extrusion dies, cold forming dies, hot forming dies, hammers and other tools according to drawings. This is equivalent for the steel and the foundry industries. 

Thanks to our machines park, we can produce precise tools in carbide, ceramics and steel for many sectors like nuclear industry and weapons, ammunitions and armament industry. With the precision of our grinding machines and EDM machines, we are able to produce some pieces which are used for the control process, punches and dies for the ammunition factory

The manufacturing of tool is for all metal forming operations, including extrusion, pressing, rotary forging and metal powder compacting, swaging, squeeze forming, and hot/cold forging.

Hammering / Rotary Swaging: Rotational symmetric tube by forming under compression in the rotary swaging process.