Polis Précis

Technical machining hard materials punches and dies

In 1982, Guy Lanquetin, Jean-Marie Mercier and Claude Theurot create the company in relation to their experience: The production of powder compression tools: cutting inserts, grooving systems, milling systems, broaching systems, reaming Systems, hard cutting materials, headstock systems, Metal cutting tools, boring systems, turning tools, inserts blanks, parting tools, drilling tools

The company moved in Grandfontaine in 1986 in a new building. Then, many investments in EDM machines (spark and wire erosion machines) were done.

1990 : the company extended its production area and bought a CNC grinding machine and installed the air conditioning system.

In May 1997, a serious fire destroyed a part of the machinery. The determination and the courage of all the employees have allowed the resumption of the activity.


2001: - the founders sold the company. Due to the fact that they worked for the PM industry, Jean-Luc Lambert and Marcel Grundisch have continued to develop Polis Precis.  
           - Purchase of a CAD/CAM support and a milling machine.   

Since 2003 : The company keeps continue its investments 

  • 2003: Purchase of a new wire EDM machine: high precision. 
  • 2006: Purchase of a 5 axis high precision machining center in order to machine the electrodes (spark erosion - sink erosion) 
  • 2007: Purchase of an Internal/external with a B axis grinding machine. First in France 
  • 2008: Purchase of a Wire EDM machine with a new technology. First in Europe 
  • 2010: Purchase of a 4 axis machining center. 
  • 2011Development of our own polishing machine + the diamond abrasive pastes (Polishing paste)
  • 2012: Exchange of old AGIE EDM machine by a new generation machine.
  • 2013: Replacement of an old cylindrical grinding machine by a new one with a bigger dimensional capacities (internal/external).
    • Production of multiaxial press tools with laterals punches adaptable on Dorst or Osterwalder machines. (Cross holes and side compaction)
  • 2014: Purchase of a new cylindrical grinding machine. Hire of an engineer in order to develop our design office.
  • 2016 : First production of adiabatic press tooling (powder compaction tools) + first adiabatic stamping tools for high production. 


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