Polis Précis

Technical machining hard materials punches and dies


We read different types of formats:  PRT, DXF, IGES, DWG, PROE, STEP …

Our methods office is constantly looking for ways to improve the life of your tools. Heavily involved with its customers, the company is focused on a partnership approach to develop new solutions adapted to every project and optimize your productivity.

Examples of Products:

Extrusion die  Punches and dies   Cutting insert punch  Steel / Carbide Die  Inner punch

      Extrusion Die                Punches and Dies           Cutting insert punch         Steel / Carbide Die                               Inner punch


Hot shrinking / Cold shrinking

The shrinking consists in assembling two parts of a set having no same coefficient of expansion: the assembly is realized with a tightening between both parts which forbids the assembly by hands or even with a press.

We offer two options for shrinking.

Steel / carbide shrinking under cold conditions: by mechanical pressure or by nitrogen.

Steel / carbide shrinking under heat: (thermal shrinking).

The shrinking is used for fragile parts on which we cannot apply a big mechanical pressure. The advantages of the hot shrinking are the reductions of the constraints and the deformations.


The brazing steel / carbide:

The brazing consists in assembling an active part in carbide with a steel body.

Polis Précis has a real know-how in this domain. We master this skill since the beginning of the company in 1982.