Polis Précis

Technical machining hard materials punches and dies

We use the best raw materials including Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, hardened Steels as well as a modern machinery with the modern technologies to provide the highest quality tooling and wear parts that meet your specifications.

Manufactured to customer drawings specifications: We work in collaboration with the workshops of the biggest industrial groups in Europe. Production managers trust Polis Precis for our dependable delivery, our services, our experience in the manufacturing of Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic and Steel tooling. All manufacturing is done according customer drawing specifications. However, we assist you for the design and the choice of the materials. 

Wear parts: Polis Precis realize many parts and components which can withstand wear and fast abrasion. Our machine park is able to machine the hardest materials.   

Services: Electrical discharge machining: Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Flat grinding, 5 axes Cylindrical grinding, Fitting, Polishing, Control, Methods, 3 and 5 axes machining, laser marking.

Given that we manufacture tools for the European manufacturers of carbide and technical ceramics, we have selected the best grades for each industry sector. We assist our Customers for the choice of carbide regarding the final applications.

We have different grade of carbide in stock.

Ceramics are ordered according grades and shapes requested by our customers.  

We have the ability to machine the following ceramics: silicon nitride - Si3N4, alumina (or aluminum oxide) - Al2O3, Zirconia (or zirconium oxide) - ZrO2. The Advantages of ceramics: low density, high temperature resistance, high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

The Tungsten, also known as wolfram is also formed by sintering. It is a hard material with a density around 18.5 and more for pure tunsgten: between 19 and 19.3. Consequently, we machine mainly the tungsten alloy from special tungsten blanks.  

Steels: We have Z160CDV12, 35NCD16, 40CMD8, 90MCV8, 140KG, VANADIS4, Z38CDV5, TSP23, stainless steel, etc. ...

Other materials: copper, bronze ...       

Polishing is the last step of the manufacturing process for smoothing a workpiece’s surface. It is done by hand to avoid distorting the essential areas of the tool. We obtain mirror bright finish surface before and after coating to reach your production goals and your technical aspects.

The surface affects the life of your tools.


Each year, huge investments are made ​​to improve our services. We control all steps of the manufacturing process of our tools. However, we entrust the heat treatment and surface treatment.


2 CFAO stations 


EDM Department

3 Wire EDM machines  + 1 EDM rotary indexing table.                                                                               

4 Spark EDM machines  


Milling Department

1 5 axes CNC machine: Position deviation: : Pa = ± 0.3 μm + Robot with 80 Positions. 

1 5 axes CNC machine                                                                              

1 4 axes CNC machine                                             


Turning Department

1 NC Serie high precision machine                                                                        

2 traditional centres


Grinding Department

2 5 axes (internal external) grinding machines                                                      

1 JIG grinding machine                                                               

2 Cylindrical grinding machines                                               

2 CNC internal external grinding machines                                                          

6 Flat grinding machines                                                                               

2 2 axes Heidenhain grinding machines                               


Polishing Departement

1 Polishing machine (Home made)                                                                     


Control Département

1 Videocheck IP 400 3D: Werth image processing (IP) video sensor, Werth Laser sensor, touch trigger probes, Werth Fiber probe, etc                                               

1 Digital measuring column                                                                      

1 Contour probe                                                                                                           

2 Optical Glasses                                                                                           

1 Simple profile projector                                                                                         



1 sanding machine                                                                                       

1 brazing machine                                                                    

1 hydraulic Presse                                                                                                                                       

1 laser marking machine                                                                    

Polis Precis has its own an air-conditioned control department. All of our tools are checked in their functions before shipping.

A 100% inspection is performed on each piece. A control report is sent according to the customer's request.

We have different ways of control on the same machine: 3D Control + Laser + probe + fiber probes, contour probe. The measurement uncertainties are less than 0.3 microns on our machines.

The tools are measured and checked at every stage of the production process as a self-protocol.

The quality organization is based on the ISO 9001 certificate version 2015.